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Everything great has a story...

Long ago, a rogue knight by the name of Azareth broke the bond between dragons and humans. The nation deemed Azareth a sinner and all who followed. 100 years have passed since humans last trusted dragons or anything outside their village walls. Since then, they have tried to control humanity by forbidding the use of "inimaki". Those who abandoned their village, or wielded inimaki were known as Rogies.


Manga Vol. 1

Join Isabella, Leonor, Roy & Master Bobo as they journey through the world and venture on becoming the strongest Rogies that ever lived.

A dark figure of a lurking monster


Founder/Lead Artist/Manga Writer

5+ Years in Crypto, 2+ Years in NFT Space
Music Engineering/Skateboarding/Coding

I am an artist and professional audio engineer and producer who has worked with Grammy award-winning artists. When I was younger I was a sponsored skater and that was my getaway. Growing up I played a lot of RPG games and I consumed myself in these different worlds. When I was brought into the crypto space I fell in love because they are similar in the sense that there are no limitations on my creativity. The Rogies are inspired by my own life journey of an unstable home and being misunderstood. The whole process of constructing the art and story allowed me to find inner peace through my hardships in life. I believe that the metaverse is our bridge into finding the deeper parts of ourselves.


Admin/Social Media Marketing

3+ Years Stocks/Crypto, 1+ Years in NFT Space
Music Artist/Graphic Desi/Film Production

If you asked me a year ago to join a NFT project I would've declined spending hundreds on JPEGs, but as we gear into the future I've found myself obsessed over the idea of community based projects and decentralization. About 2 years ago I invested into a custom PC that I built myself to help better my video editing. Someone who's actually a part of the team introduced me to crypto mining and I was blown away. Even though it was passive income, I would've never known I would be able to do this from my home and soon pay back my investment on my PC. This was the beginning of my journey into crypto and eventually the NFT Space.


Admin/Marketing Strategist

5+ Years Stocks/Crypto, 1+ Years in NFT Space

Bachelors Degree in Business Communications and Marketing

Bachelors Degree in Business Communications and Marketing from Baruch College and will be using my experience to help bring this project to the moon.



Manga Artist

C.Mitto + Elliot



Lead Developer 

Developer/10+ Years Coding
5+ Years in Crypto/Stocks

SUNY Old Westbury - Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences; graduated on Honors list


An illustration of a crashed spaceship

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